Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The day will come.

I am running

To my destination.
In the dark.
In the rain.
In the tornado.
In the summer.
In the windy day.
At night.
In the morning, noon, evening.

Which I still searching for.
Seems like I am looking around.
Seeking for help.

But I do believe.
In the middle of the journey.
There will be someone.
That grab my hand gently.

Holding me tight.
Run with me.
Showing the right track.
To the left.
To the right.
Going straight.
Even making U-turn.
Till the end of path.

At that time.
I am very sure.
Very, very sure.
The person is send by Allah.
To light up my path life.
Together we face up and down.
Heading to jannah.

Thank you Allah.
I believe that Your timing is never too early, never too late.
What I have to do is believe in Your plan.

The day will come.

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